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Hu Xijin
Editor-in-chief of the Global Times
Hu Xijin is the editor-in-chief of the Global Times. Previously he worked as a reporter in the People's Daily and covered the Bosnian war in the 1990s.
  • Domestic vaccines boost Chinese society's confidence in local pharma

    The biopharmaceutical industry in China has developed rapidly in recent years. The whole industry needs to speed up to mature comprehensively to serve the people of this country and also make contributions to the world.

    By Hu Xijin | 2021/1/4 14:22:44
  • China must be sober-minded to counter West's attacks on human rights

    As 2021 begins, Chinese society is elated with success and full of ambition. COVID-19 outbreaks in several areas did not affect the mood of the country in ushering in the new year. My colleagues and I continue to guard the country's ideological beacon tower. It is rather quiet, but that quietness also reflected the firmness of the country's shield and the enormous excitement of domestic festivities.

    By Hu Xijin | 2021/1/3 0:39:57
  • Free COVID-19 vaccination in China requires cooperative efforts from all sectors

    At Thursday's media briefing, Chinese health officials mentioned the price of vaccines. The price will depend on the scale of use, and the premise is that it would eventually offer free access to the vaccines. The policy is still yet to be clarified.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/12/31 17:31:24
  • A recap of top 10 anti-virus news events in the daunting year of 2020 as we head into 2021

    The year of 2020 has been full of distress, unexpected events and struggles. Bu it is coming to an end. Humanity's fight against the COVID-19 pandemic has been fought throughout the year. The fateful year of 2020 is bound to be remembered by history. Let me recall the top 10 anti-virus news events of this daunting year.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/12/31 14:58:16
  • West fools and ruthlessly exploits so-called 'citizen journalist' Zhang Zhan

    Why was Zhang the only one sentenced to 4-year imprisonment for picking quarrels and provoking trouble? I hope she can get out of what the Western ideology instilled in her mind. I hope she can reexamine herself with a clear-head on the grounds of the national laws.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/12/29 22:24:00
  • How Alibaba probe can promote harmony among enterprises, entrepreneurs and Chinese society?

    China has launched an anti-monopoly investigation against Alibaba, which triggered a varying degree of speculation as anti-monopoly is not an area that China was familiar with in the past. I think there may be inevitably a certain level of speculation, but it shouldn't be encouraged.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/12/26 21:02:12
  • Mao's legacy foundation for China's rejuvenation

    Saturday marks the 127th anniversary of the birth of Mao Zedong, one of the great men of the last century. The Chinese people miss the late Chinese leader deeply. Mao participated in the founding of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and led the CPC and the Chinese people to establish People's Republic of China, laying a solid political foundation for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. As time passes, his remarkable achievements have taken on more extraordinary historical significance.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/12/26 14:39:34
  • China-Russia joint aerial strategic patrol sends signal to region

    As long as China and Russia strategically support each other, the alliance game played by the US will be like petty tricks. The desire of the US to crush China and Russia is pure wishful thinking.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/12/23 11:43:40
  • Sweden govt should ponder what led country to nightmare

    The Swedish government should reflect on how it has led its country into this nightmare.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/12/21 14:23:39
  • Chinese and Westerners share more common values than they realize 火影忍者鸣人干雏田最新章节免费阅读 火影忍者鸣人干 ,xiaav因你无弹窗 xiaav因你最新章节目录,acg和谐最新章节免费阅读 acg和谐无弹窗全文阅读

    In the article I wrote last week, I mentioned that there are no serious conflicts over values between China and the West. The two sides share comprehensive common values, including democracy, freedom and rule of law.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/12/19 14:06:41
  • E. Asia's pandemic fight shouldn't be misled by West assessment

    Western public opinion deliberately framed South Korea's and Japan's anti-pandemic way against China's. East Asian societies mustn't be affected. They shouldn't become reluctant to eliminate COVID-19, otherwise they will pay the price.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/12/17 12:33:40
  • Why China's domestically produced vaccines gain more trust

    I have more trust in China's vaccines. It's not because of patriotism. I really think China-produced vaccines are less risky and more reliable.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/12/14 14:33:40
  • Finding balance and new dynamics in China's socialist market economy

    A deviation from this national interest and balance will foster an unsustainable state in the long run. I have lived both under the system and in the market. At this same time, I have been observing and feeling the weaving of Chinese and foreign threads. I have also witnessed the frictions of both interests.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/12/13 16:08:41
  • If HK civil servants don't follow this rule, they will be dismissed or ordered to retire early

    All civil servants of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region will take an oath pledging their allegiance to Hong Kong and the Basic Law. This step is necessary and timely fundamentally improve Hong Kong's situation

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/12/12 13:08:40
  • China fully prepared, including militarily, for any final Trump madness

    We must resolutely combat the arrogance of Trump's team at every turn. China is bound to win and the Trump administration will leave office disgracefully.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/12/6 13:48:40
  • Australia is turning itself into a Western hatchet man

    Morrison should kneel down on the ground, slap himself in the face, and kowtow to apologize to Afghans – all these should be done in a live telecast.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/11/30 19:18:40
  • Will assassination of Fakhrizadeh open a Pandora's box?

    Now, Fakhrizadeh has been assassinated, and Iran believes Israel is responsible. Has a “Pandora's box” been opened again? Will the world return to the era of using terrorism to realize major national interests? Such regression is despicable and no one will come out as a winner.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/11/28 15:41:50
  • Hope Morrison govt will talk the talk, and walk the walk

    Chinese people do not expect the Morrison administration to truly reflect on their policy of acting as the US' auxiliary police. However, we hope that they can learn the necessary lessons, adopt more realistic policies and revise their previous behavior toward China. No matter how sincere Morrison's latest statement is, hopefully that it can be reflected in Australia's actions. Only then can China-Australia relations be improved.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/11/24 20:30:19
  • Biden transition faces rocky road while China marches on

    Trump reportedly is ready to begin the formal transition process. This indicates that the US will commence to “correct” its policies of the past four years. The US tends to achieve a kind of balance by dramatic swing and confrontations. By contrast, continuity is the greatest strength of the Chinese political system.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/11/24 16:18:40
  • See how Chinese dissidents suck their homeland's blood like parasites

    As long as China develops, every Chinese can enjoy the benefits, including those who try to sabotage the country through political confrontation both at home and abroad.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/11/21 20:31:16
  • China is balancing setbacks yet standing straight up

    China, as the world's No.2 economy, is doing quite well balancing its “setbacks” and managing to “stand tall.” The proof of this assertion is: by strategically forging ahead, China has managed to keep growing stronger.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/11/19 19:54:02
  • US should heed Kissinger's warning

    I hope the US will heed Kissinger's warning.There is no need for us to be afraid of any provocation. China has abundant power to let nature take its course.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/11/17 19:43:40
  • US pursues decoupling while China chooses integration

    The completion of the RCEP agreement has made many Americans and Europeans nervous.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/11/16 18:43:39
  • US election is not a joke, some snooty US elites are

    The US election is not laughable. But what is laughable are the Americans who said so and some Chinese public intellectuals who follow these Americans.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/11/12 16:26:40
  • Pompeo's inglorious days as state secretary nearly over…get ready to go…

    Pompeo is tampering with the DNA of human diplomacy and has insulted and offended the world's diplomats by showing a bad example of his own.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/11/11 16:33:42
  • Lithuania needs to behave on Taiwan question

    In other words, Vilnius: Please behave yourself.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/11/11 11:23:40
  • Politics, pursuit of profits deeply involved in COVID-19 vaccine R&D

    I am very worried that politics and excessive pursuit of profit are very much involved in these announcements surrounding vaccines.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/11/10 16:13:40
  • Outgoing Trump leaves behind legacy of degraded US politics

    Trump has changed the US. Even after he's gone, the political legacy he leaves behind will be difficult to eliminate. Trump still refuses to admit defeat till now even though the leaders of major Western countries have all extended their congratulations to Biden. This is by no means just because of his personality. It reflects that US society is politically divided enough to bolster Trump's contempt for the president-elect. I said last week that the US political system is in degradation, which has caused strong repercussions in Western public opinion. If Westerners look at this problem without holding any stance, they will find I am right.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/11/8 21:58:40
  • US leadership change can hardly bridge social divide

    The leadership change is more like a release of US social anxiety. Can the leadership change play a role in correction? It is very hard to judge. Few believe US Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden will make contribution to bridging the social divisions.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/11/7 18:23:40
  • US elections attract few Chinese fans

    The mainstream view of today's Chinese people is that China and the US are two major countries under completely different conditions. They should each go their own way.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/11/5 21:28:10
  • Can US and China learn from each other?

    The US looks "totally messed up", but it may still be "functioning normally". It is a sample of how resilient a country can be to "turbulence".

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/11/1 23:55:07
  • Bottom line of US attitude toward China can only be shaped by ourselves

    The question I have been asked most these days is: Who will win the US presidential election, Donald Trump or Joe Biden?

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/10/31 11:07:42
  • PLA could send jets over Taiwan to defend sovereignty if US military jets fly over island

    Early Saturday morning Beijing time, US Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Tony Wickman, director of public affairs for US Pacific Air Forces, said the US Air Forces' original statement that an RC-135W spy plane had flown over the northern end of the island of Taiwan "was incorrect." Wickman's statement came after the island's Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) authorities had twice denied, on Wednesday and Friday, that the plane had flown over the island.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/10/24 13:15:35
  • Fracas at Taiwan event in Fiji raises serious questions

    Is this true? Analysts think that Taiwan has concealed full details. Otherwise, how could have Chinese mainland's diplomats, who always act in a gentle manner, easily beat someone from Taiwan into a “brain concussion”?

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/10/19 18:38:41
  • K-pop Korean War kerfuffle creates unnecessary shrill internet notes

    Besides netizens in both countries, the most radical voices are coming from opinion institutes and a few political figures in South Korea. I believe they have played a destructive role in the normal and friendly cooperation between China and South Korea.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/10/15 15:28:41
  • Mainland's military preparedness forces Tsai to soften tone on cross-Straits ties

    Taiwan regional leader Tsai Ing-wen's "National Day address" this morning showed her softest tone on cross-Straits ties in recent years.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/10/10 14:39:35
  • Western public opinions cannot stop China's progress, happiness

    A new Pew Research Center survey shows views of China have grown more negative in recent years in some Western countries. Negative views of China increased most in Australia and in other countries, including the UK and the US, with the number of people who view China in a negative light increasing rapidly.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/10/7 19:14:24
  • China's hard-won stability unshakable by national and global complexities

    China develops rapidly amid changes, which has provided a relatively stable order for its people despite of complexities both at home and abroad. This is not easy and worth cherishing by all Chinese people.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/10/7 13:15:14
  • 火影忍者鸣人干雏田最新章节免费阅读 火影忍者鸣人干 ,xiaav因你无弹窗 xiaav因你最新章节目录,acg和谐最新章节免费阅读 acg和谐无弹窗全文阅读
    The more trouble Taiwan creates, the sooner the mainland will teach them a lesson

    The Kuomintang (KMT) group in Taiwan's "Legislative Yuan" proposed two bills, asking the island's authorities to request US assistance in resisting the Communist Party of China and to resume diplomatic ties with the US. The move is widely believed to checkmate the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and put the DPP in a difficult position.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/10/6 21:58:08
  • Trump's infection signifies need for China-US cooperation in handling pandemic

    China and the US should seek to cooperatively handle the global pandemic. It would benefit both the US, as it still struggles with the pandemic, as well as the rest of the world. It would be sad if some US politicians refuse to accept this common-sense approach due to their shortsightedness.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/10/3 14:43:40
  • Supporting our country is supporting ourselves

    Today marks the 71st birthday of the People's Republic of China (PRC). It is also the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival. I wish all the Chinese spend a happy holiday, no matter whether they have returned to their hometowns, traveled somewhere, or just stay at home to spend some leisure time. I'd also like to send my best regards to people who still have to work and hope they can get paid three times of their normal pay for the work during the holidays. Just sue the companies which do not make such offers.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/10/1 13:36:14
  • Tolerance toward expression is of fundamental importance in achieving a modernized China

    What are the basic elements of people's livelihoods? They're usually considered to be clothing, food, residence and transportation. But I think expression must also be added in. Why? Because speech is a unique talent of human beings. It's a way to communicate and relieve oneself from stress. Thoroughly expressing oneself can help people obtain spiritual pleasure and comfort. If people can be heard, responded to and recognized, they will be in good spirits. In contrast, they will be depressed should no one pay attention to what they say or should their remarks be dismissed, no matter how well-off they are.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/9/25 17:37:53
  • Inappropriate for New Delhi to hype Rajeev Sharma's ties with Global Times

    I think It's very inappropriate for the Indian side to publicly link Global Times to this case and to create a sensation to attract attention.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/9/20 18:43:40
  • Chinese govt not an outsider in the TikTok deal

    . The Chinese government has never been an outsider from the beginning to the end of this deal. Washington cannot unilaterally get whatever it wants.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/9/20 12:22:39
  • Beijing is ready to tackle all scenarios with Taiwan

    The Taiwan-based Central News Agency reported on Saturday that another 19 fighter jets and bombers from the People's Liberation Army (PLA) flew across the so-called "middle line" of the Taiwan Straits on Saturday and entered airspace close to the southwestern and northwestern parts of the island. It was unprecedented to see PLA aircraft fly close to the island of Taiwan on such a large scale for two consecutive days.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/9/19 20:22:26
  • India lies about casualties in border clash with China

    The PLA can launch a heavy counterattack at the Indian army's new provocation at any time.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/9/17 22:37:02
  • China ready for peace, and war

    Without strong military pressure, India won't behave on border issues.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/9/15 21:56:00
  • China-Russia relations gift to peace and humanity

    China-Russia relations are not solely favored by China's unilateral will. There are many voices in Russia. But Moscow has chosen to firmly protect China-Russia relations for the sake of its own fundamental interests. China-Russia relations are a gift of this era to peace and humanity.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/9/15 17:07:45
  • Farcical Nobel nominations cheap way to curry favor

    There are suspicions that the Norwegian and Swedish parliamentarians are helping Trump with his reelection campaign. They are actually pushing the Nobel Peace Prize into the spiral of US political struggles.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/9/13 19:28:41
  • Indian army gains no advantage from border clashes with China

    Let me brief on what I know about the situation on the China-India border. Based on what I know, in the past two days, the border area has returned to tranquility, maybe temporarily, especially the situation at Pangong Lake. Apparently, the meeting between Chinese and Indian defense ministers and the one between foreign ministers played a positive role in cooling down the situation.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/9/12 16:26:10
  • China must be militarily and morally ready for a potential war

    China must be a country that dares to fight. And this should be based on both strength and morality. We have the power in our hands, we are reasonable, and we stand up to guard our bottom line without fear. In this way, whether China is engaged in a war or not, it will accumulate the respect of the world. One day, we will show our natural dignity and power without flexing muscles, and we will win without fighting a war.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/9/11 14:33:40
  • US officials planning to visit Taiwan, think twice

    American officials planning to visit Taiwan should think twice. You should understand the weight of the Taiwan question in the hearts of Chinese people.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/9/8 23:35:09
  • Outside forces are misreading China's desire for peace

    China's policy toward India is backed by strength and if ordinary people are not afraid of Indian provocateurs, how could the PLA be intimidated by them?

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/9/8 22:18:40
  • 'China isolation' is a seriously wrong impression

    On the premise of safeguarding China's core interests, we will strive to resolve differences with some countries through peaceful means and through enhanced communication and consultation. If it can't be resolved for a while, we will move forward with the problem.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/9/6 14:26:24
  • Foreign force's attempt to agitate Inner Mongolia bound to fail

    I know some foreign forces want to stir up agitation in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, magnify the confusion and dissatisfaction of some Mongolian people, and make an issue out it. But I would say that those forces are bound to fail.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/9/3 23:53:41
  • Pentagon report aims to suppress China's nuclear deterrence

    The latest Pentagon report deliberately underestimates China's nuclear warhead stockpile while it emphasizes China's strategic intention to expand its nuclear arsenal.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/9/2 18:37:39
  • Unfair for US to sacrifice Chinese rights for its future security concerns

    How China, as a super-sized country, responds to American challenges is bound to be difficult.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/8/25 23:28:40
  • Amid China-US contest, Chinese intellectuals should be clear of the bottom line

    In the current China-US struggle, the ethical bottom line of all Chinese intellectuals should be to stand on the Chinese side rather than sit with the US side. They can have different understandings of the "Chinese side." But the difference between the "Chinese side" and the "US side" is crystal clear. It must not be confused.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/8/24 16:50:22
  • 'Not firing 1st shot' principle necessary to manage cross-Straits situation

    If increasing provocations by the island of Taiwan and the US eventually lead to a breakout, then China will have no choice but to resolutely fight a just war.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/8/24 16:19:24
  • Cambridge abuses its reputation following Pompeo's suit

    I want to remind Cambridge University that most of its glory – just like that of the United Kingdom – belongs to the past.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/8/17 14:03:40
  • Chinese people confident in CPC despite strong US pressure

    According to a Global Times online survey this week, about 96 percent of the Chinese netizen participants believe that the US' attacks on the Communist Party of China (CPC) aim to "sow discord between the Chinese people and the Party to jeopardize solidarity in China," and to "mobilize a new Cold War against China by attaching an anti-CPC ideological label to US' anti-China campaign." Only 2 percent of the participants think "the US does so for China's good."

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/8/15 20:38:45
  • Which country is more promising in China-US economic competition?

    I believe that if China's list of top-tier companies keeps changing because of new entrants, then our country can continue to move faster and remain competitive against the US.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/8/12 18:08:51
  • If war breaks out between China and the US, which side will have the upper hand?

    China will be well prepared to fire a second shot as a response to the first shot. On core interests, China will not back off.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/8/7 12:02:24
  • Hard to say who will surprise you in the future, US or TikTok

    In addition to power, there exist rules and morals in this world. Although Trump's power can overwhelm rules and ethics, he has only fewer than three months left before the presidential election. People have a subtle perception of rules and ethics in their minds. Trump could thus lose votes due to any most slightly careless move.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/8/5 16:53:15
  • TikTok's 'sin' is challenging US tech giants for free-flow of ideas

    Even trapped in the current quagmire, Bytedance has shown the world the US high-tech giant's ugly face of hunting a Chinese company and plundering its achievements. It has also shown people how hypocritical the US is by advocating the absolute free flow of information.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/8/2 23:02:06
  • TikTok ban demonstrates barbaric act of rogue US: Global Times editorial

    In the most barbaric way, the US is trying to solidify a high-tech world order in which it is the absolute center. Whether it ends up "killing" TikTok or forcibly taking the child out of Bytedance's arms, it is one of the ugliest scenes of the 21st century in the high-tech competition.

    By Global Times | 2020/8/2 15:29:37
  • Internet public opinion a valuable resource that should be protected, enriched

    I hope that the room of public opinion can be continuously expanded, the reach of public opinion supervision could be wider to form a stronger deterrent. The internet public opinion has become a valuable resource for the Chinese public to strengthen their participation in social governance. While strengthening management, it is undoubtedly necessary to protect and enrich this resource.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/8/1 14:21:59
  • Indians can hardly afford an economic conflict with China

    I can't believe why these two countries would put aside cooperation on economic development but to fight each other over border disputes. That obviously does not serve the fundamental interests of the two peoples.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/8/1 14:08:40
  • Lee Teng-hui will not be remembered fondly in Chinese history

    People flocked to the internet to discuss Lee Teng-hui, former leader of the island of Taiwan, shortly after he died of illness on Thursday evening. Many have criticized him, while others have offered their support, praising his "contributions" to Taiwan democracy. These voices argue that Lee initiated one person, one vote "presidential" elections in Taiwan and was the first popularly elected "president." Western media have also spoken highly of his advocacy of "Taiwan sovereignty" and his encouragement for people in the island saying they are "Taiwanese" rather than Chinese.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/7/31 15:03:19
  • Current US govt is a de facto tyrannical regime: Global Times editorial

    The Trump administration is a de facto tyrannical regime. Officials opposed to the President were quickly replaced, including many core cabinet members. The interests and will of President Trump and his loyalists are the absolute focus of the US politics at present. If all of this is not a typical modern tyranny, what is it?

    By Global Times | 2020/7/26 19:09:18
  • Chengdu consulate closure chance for US to observe Chinese public opinion

    After China ordered the closure of the US consulate in Chengdu, Chinese social media erupted in cheers and applause. The US Chengdu consulate shot to fame in an instant. Some local residents even went to the consulate to join in some fun. Some media outlets broadcast live from the scene, which brought the place further into the limelight.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/7/25 11:59:43
  • US cannot get away from China's countermeasures against consulate closure

    Will China retaliate against the US for abruptly ordering China to close its consulate in Houston? How will China strike back to such action? Reuters reported that China is considering shutting down the US consulate in Wuhan. It is very likely that the news agency is wrong this time.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/7/23 12:27:16
  • China's political and social growth key to foil US attacks

    China is not the Soviet Union. The US will never manage to make China into the second Soviet Union so that it can contain China with a Cold War-style campaign. China is more open and has more potential than the Soviet Union ever did. As long as we do our job well and stay strong, open up further and become more prosperous, the US will never be able to break us. It will instead harm itself with its extreme policies. It will be the US that cannot hang on to the end.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/7/20 17:43:40
  • China will not involve itself in a so-called new cold war

    China will not fight a new cold war with the US.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/7/19 13:23:40
  • Will there be a war between China and the US?

    Toward the end of my dialogue with Qiu Zhenhai, a Phoenix TV commentator, Friday night, in a video chat about the current US crackdown on China, a netizen asked: Will there be a war between China and the US?

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/7/18 12:08:57
  • What is the CPC? US needs to be taught: Global Times editorial

    The current US administration openly antagonizes the CPC. It is sowing hatred between the two countries and the two peoples.

    By Global Times | 2020/7/17 16:28:40
  • China's economic performance will crush US' lies

    China's GDP grew by 3.2 percent in the second quarter. It is definitely one of the best in the world. It is a reflection of China's remarkable performance in the epidemic control. China is one of the few countries with the ability to quickly put out any sporadic outbreaks of disease and keep local cases close to zero.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/7/16 14:43:40
  • China's right to develop cannot be deprived

    Has China done anything wrong? The Trump administration has launched a totally Cold War-like campaign to contain China. What is the essence of this unjust strategic suppression now coming out of the US?

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/7/16 13:28:40
  • National Security Law denies US ambition to manipulate HK

    It's not China going to the US to pick a fight, it was the US that came to Hong Kong to provoke. Well, this time the Chinese are going to spend some efforts helping an arrogant Washington revise its self-recognition and learn how to respect other powers.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/7/2 23:03:40
  • US should stop media war against Chinese press

    It is very regrettable that the deterioration of China-US relations has impacted the work of the media of the two countries in each other. Neither Chinese nor the US media should bear the blame for escalating tensions between the two countries.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/7/2 9:43:40
  • National Security Law protects 'one country, two systems'

    The National Security Law is like a tiger with sharp teeth and its maximum penalty is life imprisonment. If someone still doesn't understand the situation after July 1 and continue to do evil, the National Security Law is sure to be waiting for him not far away. In particular, the chief perpetrator, will face severe punishment.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/6/30 21:18:40
  • National Security Law for HK is not a toothless tiger

    There may be some extreme forces who are reluctant to admit their failure. Some may even continue to make provocations. But the national security law is not a toothless tiger. Those who breach it will face legal consequences.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/6/30 17:13:40
  • China's patriotism a uniting force in face of major pressure from virus, US strategic suppression

    We live in an era of turmoil, when the US is turning strategically against China and contributing to the overall deterioration of China's strategic environment.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/6/26 21:47:47
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  • US becoming unrecognizable to Chinese as Washington lies, denies severity of virus

    Even now, Washington's only strategy seems to be dumping its mistakes onto China and blaming China for all its problems. It's a shameless argument that has caught a lot of traction in the US, and such performance should have come from an ignorant country.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/6/26 16:23:40
  • India gained only casualties from border clash

    The PLA has demonstrated its strength and determination to use force when necessary, which is a strong deterrent to the Indian side, especially their frontline troops.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/6/24 20:43:40
  • EU slaps US over failure to contain COVID-19

    EU is considering reopening its borders on July 1, but will prohibit American travelers from entering the bloc.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/6/24 16:19:17
  • De-escalating tensions on China-India border paramount

    China doesn't want to escalate conflicts with India, but we have sufficient capacity to smash any provocations from the Indian troops. It's hoped that Indian troops can remain sober and Indian elites keep rational. It's in the India's interests to work with China to put the border disputes under control.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/6/22 11:13:40
  • Xinjiang is a mirror reflecting paranoia of Western extreme politicians

    Xinjiang is a mirror clearly reflecting the paranoia of the US and Western public opinion, and the malice of the extreme politicians there towards China and the Chinese people.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/6/20 18:05:53
  • What an irony! VOA is viewed as pro-China

    VOA's director and deputy director resigned due to reports that were “deemed wrong” by the White House. Well, VOA's reports have long been unbearable. Let's see what absurd story they have in store for China next.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/6/16 18:23:40
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  • US values to change as white population diminishes

    White supremacy will eventually come to a dead end in the US. The mainstream values and historical views will gradually change. This will be a revolutionary process for American society, and will lead to a lot of entanglements, conflicts, and even pain.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/6/13 11:08:33
  • Poor US handling of pandemic exposes cruelty of capitalism

    The US has a strong capacity for COVID-19, but that's more of a capital capacity. It is the ability of the US elites to control society in the midst of the epidemic.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/6/11 21:48:40
  • Information China can draw from US' protests

    The protests have reflected numerous issues in the US, but I would like to discuss the phenomenon from a different perspective, namely the valuable information China can draw from the US protests.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/6/8 15:08:40
  • Prioritizing jobs over lives will lead US to a dark abyss of human agony

    Washington has manifested an increasingly predictable attitude: As long as the economy is effectively restored, it is less or barely important whether more people are infected and embrace death.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/6/6 16:43:40
  • Multiple dimensions to gauge China-US relations

    In China-US relations, China is a strategic defender. We will not take the initiative to deteriorate China-US relations. Instead, we will always adopt a prudent realist attitude. At the same time, China has the ability to stick to the bottom line of its core national interests. China has the capacity and space to engage with the US for a long period of time.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/6/6 12:53:40
  • Responses to protests expose real face of the 'beacon of world democracy'

    President Trump is urging state governors to be tough and senators are pushing for the use of the US military. Is this the real face of "the beacon of world democracy?" Where are the human rights? Where is their respect for life?

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/6/2 17:26:48
  • US tastes bitter result of double standards

    Riots that undermine the rule of law will cause more pain to society. Violence is never a good solution to any problem in any place. I want to emphasize that the US has less and less capital to play a "double standard" game right now. It is unable to mess up China. It would be a wise choice for it to reconsider how to protect itself first.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/6/1 15:38:08
  • Watch out! 'Beautiful sight' in HK is spreading across the US火影忍者鸣人干雏田最新章节免费阅读 火影忍者鸣人干 ,xiaav因你无弹窗 xiaav因你最新章节目录,acg和谐最新章节免费阅读 acg和谐无弹窗全文阅读

    US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi once called the violent protests in Hong Kong "a beautiful sight to behold." Now, the "beautiful sight" is extending from Hong Kong to over a dozen US states. US politicians now can enjoy this sight from their own windows. Quite a few places across the US are witnessing protesters setting police stations on fire, smashing shops, blocking roads, attacking places and destroying various public facilities, as if the radical rioters in Hong Kong somehow snuck into the US and created a mess like they did last year in Hong Kong.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/5/30 23:47:23
  • Why China should not fear US sanctions

    Trump was all bark and no bite during his press conference as he announced nothing substantial.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/5/30 17:33:40
  • US should stand with Minnesota violent protesters as it did with HK rioters

    The chaos in Hong Kong has lasted for over a year and military forces have not been dispatched. Yet after only three days of chaos in Minnesota, Trump publicly threatened the use of firepower and implied military forces could be utilized. That is the state of US inequality and another example of the country's double standards. Well, America, what should I say?

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/5/29 18:33:40
  • Pompeo makes arrogant, hysterical statements about HK autonomy

    The US is a superpower, but its national strength has weakened in recent years because this trade war and nonsense over Hong Kong they push. Now, it is seriously ill. Pompeo better wear his face masks before he talks wildly.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/5/28 10:34:30
  • China-US ties have arrived at unexpected low

    We must dispel the fears of some people that Chinese society may become more conservative as a result of the growing rivalry between China and the US. While strengthening cohesion, we should create more conditions conducive to increasing the vitality of our society. This is one of the key directions to improve social confidence, and it is especially important to unite the intellectuals.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/5/24 23:13:40
  • Will China's 2020 defense budget increase or decline?

    The defense budget, namely the military spending, will be a focus of public opinion at home and abroad as the two sessions begin this week. Will China's military spending this year increase on the basis of last year, or will it decline?

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/5/19 0:41:04
  • Can China, West co-exist despite different ideologies?

    Can the ideological divergences between China and the West be diluted, and their shared values be expanded?

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/5/16 17:00:41
  • An elaboration of my advocacy for why China needs more nuclear deterrence

    China will increase its nuclear warheads, and I believe this is also the gut feeling of many people. Because China actually has no choice.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/5/12 12:29:54
  • To safeguard national security, it is time for China to build up nuclear deterrent

    I suggested in a Weibo post on Friday that China should increase its nuclear warheads to 1,000 in a relatively short time span, and to procure at least 100 DF-41 strategic missiles.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/5/9 19:43:13
  • China could nonchalantly shrug Western, US idiocies

    China needs to adopt an indifferent attitude to the idiocies of the US government and a couple of its diehard supporters. Their political system determines that many politicians have a big mouth. So, how can they be kind to China in rhetoric?

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/5/9 13:22:56
  • China needs to increase its nuclear warheads to 1,000

    China needs to expand the number of its nuclear warheads to 1,000 in a relatively short time.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/5/8 13:40:49
  • Failure of US to curb COVID-19 shows China made right decisions in epidemic fight

    No one ever expected that the novel coronavirus would spread around the world like it has. Things are changing too fast, and a lot of perceptions are being overturned.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/5/1 13:21:34
  • Trump should be political Batman for US in crisis

    During his interview with Reuters on Wednesday, US President Donald Trump said China "will do anything they can" to prevent him from being reelected. How pretentious this president is.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/4/30 19:19:29
  • Cooperate with US states on virus fight, not federal government

    China will continue humanitarian cooperation with the US but won't ignore how Washington has sabotaged it. We should use our actions to demonstrate our attitude.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/4/19 15:48:57
  • China-US relations will no longer be the same

    China's endurance is no longer the same as it was 20 or 30 years ago. We have a unique Chinese philosophy of resistance to pressure. We will not become a second Soviet Union, nor will we provoke the antagonism and confrontation between China and the US from our side. China 's way of safeguarding its core interests will be brand new, and we need to surprise history.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/4/14 18:48:40
  • Washington's hysterical COVID-19 claims will fail

    The ruling elites in Washington are living in a fantasy where they think blurring the facts and spreading their slander allows them to call white for black.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/4/13 23:43:40
  • Shameless China-bashing led to US coronavirus catastrophe

    The US government's performance has been the worst in the global fight against the virus.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/4/13 0:48:39
  • Taiwan's green camp shows narrow-mindedness by targeting virus fight song

    When people on the mainland talk about being united against the pandemic, entanglement across the straits rarely comes to mind, if ever. It's obvious that Yunnan Media Group teamed up with the stars to increase the popularity of the song. The producers had no intention of targeting Taiwan.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/4/7 17:06:45
  • US wrong to relieve captain who raised alarm about COVID-19

    The US Congress has passed resolutions to interfere in China's handling of Dr. Li's case, but what it should really do is to criticize US inaction over COVID-19 and its unfair treatment of Crozier.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/4/3 14:38:29
  • Anti-virus fight fully shows Chinese govt serves its people

    Limited liability government or unlimited liability government, it doesn't matter. Fewer infections, fewer deaths, these are the most hardcore indicators of all governance today. Anyone who tries to fool the public and let people forget this absolute thing through various interpretations has ulterior motives.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/3/30 23:22:58
  • There's absolutely no room for cover-up regarding new outbreak

    The government has the ability to turn the tide when the outbreak in Hubei was spreading, then it surely has the ability to carry on as it is. This is certainly easier to do than in previous national battle against the epidemic, and it is particularly valuable that, the vigilance of the government and the whole society has not been relaxed, and there is no reason for us to fall down again.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/3/29 23:18:40
  • Western govts must take more action to prevent humanitarian disaster

    The world needs to unite and mobilize to save lives and safeguard human civilization. Reducing the death rate is the most urgent task, and international efforts must be made to develop a vaccine and treatment medicines. Politics must give away to humanitarianism, which is the only thing that matters now.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/3/26 20:28:40
  • Hindsight shows China took appropriate measures

    China's fight against COVID-19 realized the most fundamental pursuit of the people - bringing the epidemic under control. At the same time, the government has been responding to people's resentments on various issues with a positive attitude. China's efforts are not as bad as some people have imagined. There were indeed a lot of problems to be addressed and solved. But we must be realistic in our self-estimation but not improperly belittle ourselves due to these problems. This is the proper attitude we should take.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/3/17 21:28:41
  • Should Beijing intervene forcefully in Hong Kong?

    Would you like Beijing to be forceful, such as ordering the Hong Kong Garrison of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) to take to the streets to maintain order? Personally, I am against this idea.

    By Hu Xijin | 2019/7/25 21:28:41
  • Humble China shouldn't be accused of being high-profile

    Compared to US military bases all over the world, China's construction of Nansha islands and reefs is mainly for civilian use as it openly claims. Is this a challenge to American hegemony?

    By Hu Xijin | 2019/6/17 19:43:40
  • China's future rests in its people's resolve

    The core requirement of the US is: You stop this. This is not the life you Chinese should live.

    By Hu Xijin | 2019/6/10 21:58:26
  • CPC leadership propels China to stardom

    Now Chinese people also want better education, health care, greener environment and longer vacations, and these wishes are pushing China forward. The country has no other choice.

    By Hu Xijin | 2019/5/19 19:38:39
  • Trump-Kim summit possibility hinges on location

    How the Trump-Kim meeting goes down could be an enormous challenge for Pyongyang. The process by which North Korea returns to the international community will be an arduous and treacherous journey.

    By Hu Xijin | 2018/3/16 9:40:43
  • Telling blunt truths: writing Global Times editorials

    It is rare to have the editor-in-chief personally compose a newspaper's editorials. As an exception, I actually feel guilty about it, as it indicates that I am not a good leader since I neglect my own "business" but am devoted to my daily chores as a commentator.

    By Hu Xijin | 2011/7/12 22:18:20